M  e  m  o  r  i  e  s
In 2002 Yvonne Starr and her band Rebels At Heart was invited to attend the LA Grammy's for Yvonne's Grammy entry song "Treat Her Lady". This was the most exciting time of their lives.   Yvonne was honored to travel with her talented drummer Scott Davenport,  bass player Gary Davenport and road manager Mary Ann Carrico-Mitchell.  While walking the red carpet Yvonne and Rebels At Heart had the opportunity to see many great stars.
 Yvonne was invited to attend the Editor's Choice Award Ceremony where she won an award from The International Library Of Poetry. for her poems entitled, "Infinite Justice" and "Momma I Love You".
In 2006 Yvonne and her husband Jaimie were invited to The Nashville Grammy's
 with Redstarr Entertainment Magazine President, Sandy Hardin.  
Yvonne's song, "Devil's Working Overtime".